De Colores

De ColoresDe Colores is the Spanish word denoting "of the colors" in English translation. The colors of course being those of the rainbow which are significant to the Old Testament readings about "covenant."

The colors of the rainbow are all found in the colorful Spanish roosters found wandering the roadways and hillsides in Spain where the Cursillo Movement was brought to birth.

RoosterThe rooster, always a colorful symbol, also denotes wealth for the Spanish countryman. A good rooster and hen gives promise of eggs and more chickens to come, thus the countryman has promise of food and promise of a commodity in which to sell or trade to provide for his family. The rainbow of the rooster's tail feathers also holds promise, liken that of the Old Testament covenant.

Each of the colors has a special and significant meaning to the Christian.

Green denotes new life ... growth.
Blue denotes new life ... commitment to God, His Church, His people.

Purple denotes our dying and rising again along with that of Christ Jesus suffering.

Orange and Yellow denote warmth, light, promise of hope like that of candles.

Red denotes celebration, joy and confirmation.

The rainbow (God’s Covenant with His people) has the same meaning to the Christian and is more appropriate.